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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.

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Ingalls Shipbuilding plant Pascagoula Mississippi

We entered into a four-year contract improving wages, life insurance and health benefits pictured ( top left & bottom right) is UFSPSO President Chip Strebeck and business agent Raynard Roberson (bottom left) signing the agreement with Ingalls management.

UFSPSO President Chip Strebeck and business agent Raynard Roberson signing the agreement with Ingalls management

Garda Runnemede

We have successfully negotiated a new three-year contract that has substantially improved the hourly wage rates and brought this group more inline with other Garda units as well as improving vacation and several other economic provisions of the contract.

Windham Community Hospital

Chris Roach and Dan Riolia successfully negotiated a new three-year contract making several improvements over the last CBA in the difficult hospital environment.

Career Systems Development, New Haven Job Corp

After several years of a wage freeze, Hector Fajardo, Union Vice President and Mary Moore, local shop steward negotiated a 6% wage increase and a contract extension for one year.

Garda Edison NJ

We won an election to represent this group in March 2016, and the company has been refusing to bargain with us. We have been successful at every level of their objections filed with the NLRB with the most recent having the board in Washington rule in our favor. We continue the battle to give these employees the right to representation.

Current Contract Renegotiations

We are currently renegotiating seven contracts for units across our territory.

Grievances and Arbitrations

We are currently in the process of resolving a substantial number of grievances for members. And are pleased to announce that we have successfully resolved three termination grievances, and have had the members reinstated. Additionally, we have recently won two arbitrations.