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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.

Security Locals



Garda, Long Island City New York

A new three-year contract has been negotiated and ratified for this local. This is the Seventh contract for this Local, with each one improving wages and benefits for our member.

Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo NY

We finalized and initial 4-year contract with G4S for the security officers that protect the Buffalo City Hall in Buffalo NY. The contract was recently ratified, and new shop stewards were elected; Mike Yesis, Bob Thompson and Teo David. We wish them luck.


We have finalized a contract with Whelan Security for the security officers protecting the Ameren locations in the St. Louis area. This new CBA included retro pay for all the officers.

Garda Edison NJ

We won an election to represent this group in March 2016, and the company has been refusing to bargain with us. We have been successful at every level of their objections filed with the NLRB with the most recent having the board in Washington rule in our favor. We continue the battle to give these employees the right to representation.

Current Contract Renegotiations

We are currently renegotiating seven contracts for units across our territory.

Grievances and Arbitrations

We are currently in the process of resolving a substantial number of grievances for members. And are pleased to announce that we have successfully resolved three termination grievances, and have had the members reintated. Additionally, we have recently won two arbitrations.