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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.

President's Message

                                                                        Chip Strebeck

                                                              Charles "Chip" Strebeck,                                                                               President

OpEd Submitted on behalf of our Members inpacted by the recent governmental shutdown to ...

Memo to Congress and President Shutdown #2 averted, now do the right thing!

Low-income Federal Contractor employees and their Families should not have to suffer such massive economic pain.

For the hundreds of thousands of Federal employees who went without paychecks during the last government shutdown the news this week that there would not be another was certainly welcome. The economic pain of this past shutdown was real, but they at least were comforted by the knowledge that eventually Congress and the President would do the right thing and ensure that they would receive their back pay.

Not so for the tens of thousands of employees who work for government contractors, and especially not so for those low-income janitors, security guards, and cafeteria workers who either were laid off or had their hours dramatically reduced. For these workers, a loss of a paycheck means exactly that, a loss of income. There would be no quick bank loans to carry them over, no access to savings and retirement accounts to fall back on as their income simply does not allow the vast majority to put away much at the end of the week.  And, as of right now, no pay for past wages lost.

This sad state of affairs need not be, and fairness demands that it should not continue. Congress can, and should, pass legislation that addresses this inequity, and the President should sign it. It should not be a political issue. Is the issue complex, of course it is, but we have dealt with complex issues in the past. It is not a question of whether or not we can afford to do it; it’s a question of human decency. We reach out to help all of our fellow citizens who are financially impacted by natural disasters (Hurricanes, wildfires, etc.) through no fault of their own. Was there ever a group who had no role in the disaster that impacted their lives? The time to act is now.

Charles “Chip” Strebeck

Briarcliff Manor, NY


Charles “Chip” Strebeck is President of the United Federation of Special Police & Security Officers a labor union whose members serve as security officers at governmental and private facilities throughout the U.S.