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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.

President's Message

                                                                        Chip Strebeck

                                                              Charles "Chip" Strebeck,                                                                               President

     As the officers and business agents of the United Federation of Special Police and Security officers continue to schedule and conduct members meetings we find that the attendance is extremely low. And we also continue to hear “what does my union do from me?”  At the meetings where we do have member participation we often hear that there are a number of issues/problems/grievances that have not been addressed, and almost always it turns out that those issues/problems/grievances were never brought to the attention of your shop steward, business agent or the union office. We can’t address an issue that we are not aware of, and we cannot become aware of the issue if you the member does not bring it to our attention.

     Providing security for you in your job is our primary goal and that is accomplished by negotiating your contract. But we are also here to ensure that the contract is adhered to by both the union and management and when it is not we need to know so we can fix it.

      The grievance process, labor management meetings and the labor board are our avenues to correct the infractions that occur and we use them all … aggressively! But it starts with you the member by letting us know when there are problems.

     Some locals are better than others and in some of those that were not so involved are improving. And we, your officer’s and business agents are committed to improving as well, and one of our first steps is to schedule more members meetings. We urge you to attend, and to bring your fellow members with you.  

Remember the union starts with you the member.

Thank you for your support …


Charles “Chip” Strebeck