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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.

President's Message

                                                                        Chip Strebeck

                                                              Charles "Chip" Strebeck,                                                                               President

It has been some time since we last updated the UFSPSO web site. Recently we have had some inquiries regarding our union, and the information available to visitors on the web site is either incomplete or outdated. Going forward, we will make a better effort to keep the site current.

In the meantime, I want to take this month’s message to update who we are. The UFSPSO has been representing private security for more than 30 years. Currently, we are in thirteen States from the east coast to the Midwest to the west coast and the South representing all aspects of private security. Below are some of the market segments our Members serve.

Government Contracts * Hospitals * Armored Cars * Ports of Entry

* Military Bases * Shipbuilding Facilities * Courts * Energy Plants

As a Union, our Prime objective is to provide our 1,300 Members with the best representation possible …  and to always be there when you, the Member, need us. From negotiating a CBA that improves wages and benefits to protecting your seniority, and a grievance procedure to protect your right to “just cause“ in any disciplinary action.

These, of course, are the prime benefits of belonging to the UFSPSO. Our dues collection is centralized at Union headquarters, and all membership benefits are supported through the general fund. Of particular importance for our Members, your dues have been the same for more than ten years. And, unlike other unions who charge multiples of your hourly rate which means everyone pays a different amount and when you get an increase so does the union ours is a flat rate across the board.

In addition to the benefit discussed previously, we offer a $4,000. AD&D insurance policy, and in 2018, we began to offer two $500 College Scholarships available to all of our members. (See the section on the scholarships for more details) The UFSPSO has three full time employees, president , vice president and accounting/office manager, the remainder of our staff consists of labor consultants, business agents and shop stewards who ae the prime contacts for our members, and are compensated for the time they actually spend representing our members.

To summarize our goal is to represent our members to the best of our ability and to make every effort to negotiate the best contracts we can to ensure that you the member, can continue to receive improved wages and benefits for you and your family.

Remember … United we Bargain Divided we Beg!

Charles “Chip” Strebeck

Briarcliff Manor, NY