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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.

President's Message

                                                                        Chip Strebeck

                                                              Charles "Chip" Strebeck,                                                                               President


     I want to start this month’s message by recognizing the members of our Union, including those currently on active duty as well as our many armed services veterans, and thanking them for their service to our country.  These individuals joined a different type of union, one with the sole objective of serving others and protecting us and maintaining our freedoms.  During the holiday season, we should remember that many of these brave men and women are away from their homes and families so that we can be with ours. If you have the opportunity to thank a current member or veteran of our armed services, please take the time and do so.

     In a recent survey, 72% of those surveyed thought that unions were responsible for working people having paid time off for holidays. More than half would join a union if given the opportunity. Respondents also expressed major concerns that weakening unions could hurt workers benefits in the future. The majority of American workers  -- whether or not they currently belong to a union -- credit labor unions for many of the benefits they receive. This survey’s results reaffirm what we have always known; Union workers empowered by the freedom to negotiate with employers do better on every economic benchmark.

     Finally, I want to thank our members for the service they provide particularly during the holidays where security is at a heightened level. As a group, our members are dedicated, hard-working, responsible, individuals who want to do their jobs and spend time with their families.

     To all our members, union officers, and business agents I wish you all a happy holiday and may the new year be successful for us all.


Charles “Chip” Strebeck