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United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.


The Federation of Police and Security Officers offers their sincere condolences to the families of the following Security Officers:


Those we love are never really lost to us.  We feel them in so many special ways -  Through friends they always cared about and dreams they left behind.  In beauty that they added to our days... In words of wisdom we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone...Those we love are never really lost to us.

- For everywhere their special love lives on.

To Raynard Roberson (Ingalls Shipbuilders) on the loss of his Grandson.

To Tim Sutphens (G4S Albany) on the loss of his Father-in-Law.

A Security Officer Juvencio Aguilara, American Guard CA -
Local 654

Died January 22, 2018

Security Officer Wesley Smith, Garda Fairfield NJ - Local 775
Died August 31, 2017

A Security Officer Robert Johnson - Local 618
Died July 3, 2017

A Security Officer Ovid Standford, Garda LIC NY - Local 601
Died December 23, 2016

A Security Officer Albert J. Vining - Local 618
Died August 7, 2016

May they rest in Peace, our Prayers are with their family and Friends 

during this time.