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United Federation of Special
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1.     Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act H.R.3132 - Extends the freeze on LCVs from the Interstate System to the entire NHS. Freezes the gross vehicle weight limit of single trailer trucks on the NHS at 80,000 pounds. Caps the length of single trailers at 53 feet.

2.     We continue to support the 9B3 rule of the National Labor Relations Act, which makes the security officer a distinct professional.  We must maintain the purity of this profession so that security officers can stand with dignity and pride.  We strongly support wage and benefit increases that will provide each security officer with a piece of the American dream.  They protect and serve our communities.  They must be rewarded financially for their service and their professionalism.

3.     We continue to support legislation that authorizes employee organizations to enforce the prevailing wage provisions of the Labor Law if any of the employee organization's members are employed on a public works project.  Reported to the Rules Committee.

4.     We support legislation that amends the Labor Law and the Public Officer Law to require the disclosure of the names, rates of wages and supplements, employee classifications and number of hours worked by employees on government projects covered by the prevailing wage law.  Passed both houses.

5.     We supported Legislation which requires banks to install an emergency 911 button on their ATM machines.  This  helps to protect armored car guards that service the machines, as well as the citizens that use them.


1.     We supported the licensing of security officers, which became the New York State Security Guard Act.  New York is one of the first states in the United States that has this protection for security officers.  We strongly endorse this legislation nationwide.  We support continuous training for security officers to enhance their safety and professionalism.

2.     We support ammending the labor laws of the various states in our country, providing overtime payments after 40 hours work for armored car employees. Only in New Jersey and the state of Washington pays overtime after 40 hours worked for armored car employees.